A Roadmap to the Roles That Best Suit You


A Roadmap to the Roles That Best Suit You

You’re one-of-a-kind.
That’s why we tailor our staffing approach to you.

Some of us are sightseers. Others are adventurers. Some like the well-paved road. While others take the first chance they get to drive off course into the unknown.

The same can be said of those working on healthcare. It takes all types, which is why we offer so many ways of working, including Acute Care, Correctional Facilities, Home Health, Schools, and within Allied Health.

American Medical Staffing partners with you to understand your main drivers—like pay, work pace, and location—and the joy and spark that fuels your professional ambitions. We want to understand not just your resume, but your aspirations. 

Roles That Take You Places

Whether you’re just getting out of school or have years of experience in your field, we can connect you to the positions that empower your goals—be they professional ones like earning stipends and having autonomy, or personal ones like being closer to family when you work. From generalists to specialists, we personalize all of the following placements to the individual, so you feel confident starting on Day 1.

A New Outlook on Opportunity

We have healthcare professionals from all walks of life and skill backgrounds. The main reason they work with us is because we offer 1-on-1, customized planning for their professional journey. Your dedicated recruitment team has a tried-and-true guidebook to expedite your search and route you to a healthcare facility that suits your skills and experience.

What Makes AMS Different?

American Medical Staffing, Traveling with Us

Discover the end-to-end difference we can make on your job search, the hiring process, and your placement.

Hear from Past Nurse Travelers


“My recruiter was so responsive and approachable. They made my first travel experience so easy by always being available to answer my questions and looking out for my best interest.” – Megan, Acute RN