Traveler Resources

Critical Information for Your Journey

Traveler Resources

Critical Information for Your Journey

Getting ready to launch off?
Don’t leave without these important resources

You wouldn’t try leaving the country without your passport. So, don’t leave for an assignment without knowing about these valuable tools and resources. Here, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy smooth sailing before, during, and after each placement. Remember: Your recruiter is only a text or phone call away if you need support or have questions.

The Resources You Need

At American Medical Staffing, we know it can be a challenge to find everything you need online especially when it comes to authentic nursing information, so we’ve compiled some helpful and trusted links to various sites.

General Resources

Employee Resources

The following employee forms can be printed out and used during your employment with AMS:

Preparing for an interview? Check out some useful tips & advice in our Interview Preparation document here.

Payroll Systems

Login Instructions

First Time KTBSonline Users:

  1. Go to (We strongly recommend the most recent version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.)
  2. Click on the “Register” link located on the right-hand side of your screen.
  3. When prompted, enter your Last Name, Date of Birth, and your Social Security Number. For security purposes, you will also be asked to type a randomly generated security code. Click “Continue”.
  4. Follow the directions provided on the site to complete your registration and setup your online

How to Access Your Paystub

Once you are logged in to KTBSonline, select the My Benefits & Personal Information tab at the top ribbon to access your Member Homepage. From the Member Homepage, you have the option to access the following items:

Payroll History

All paystubs will now be available for you to view through KTBSonline! Paystubs are stored and available to access via the Payroll link on your member homepage. Check dates can be viewed by quarter, by year, or by using the “Date Range” feature to view a specific range of dates. To view your paystub, follow these steps:

  1. Select Payroll History.
  2. Select the paystub you would like to review. The most recent check date is at the top.
  3. Under Actions, select View & Download.

Other Features:
Direct Deposit-Review direct deposit accounts directly from KTBSonline.
Taxes-View all taxes associated with your paychecks and the filing status & exemptions of each under this

W-2/W-4-KTBSonline makes it easy for you to access your W-2 & w-4. Simply click this button and you
have access to view and download current and prior forms.

Compensation-Hourly or Salary pay rate

COVID-19 Resources

American Medical Staffing continues to actively monitor the evolving implications of COVID-19 as it pertains to our nurses and our clients. Considering the continued spread of COVID-19 and its variants throughout the U.S., AMS would like to assure our nurses and clients that we are taking the necessary steps to provide continued service delivery while ensuring the safety of all those involved.

For the most recent news regarding Coronavirus, we recommend visiting the following websites as they are monitoring the pandemic and updating information as it becomes available.

Helpful links:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

The Joint Commission

Local Departments of Health

AMS is following the advice detailed on these sites but acknowledges that each facility will also have its own preparation and guidance. In order to ensure continued service delivery at each client site and the safety of our nurses, patients and the site staff, we ask that each of our employees follow the protocol as outlined by each facility in which they provide care.

Please continue to check back to this page for new resources.

Additional Resources