Roles that Create Impact in Real Time


Roles that Create Impact in Real Time

Accelerate Your Career with a
Role in Acute Care

Working in acute care isn’t quite the same as working in other areas of healthcare. You’re on the front lines—what you do matters immediately for patient outcomes and positive health results. You want to do your job in a setting that lets you help as many people in need as you can and one that lets you grow in your career at the same time. That’s where the expert team at AMS comes in.

Are you looking to level up your nursing career with a top role in acute care? Interested in making a shift toward a new area of healthcare to expand your skills and become an even better healthcare professional? You have a trusted career partner on your side: American Medical Staffing. It’s our goal to create extraordinary experiences for the clinicians we serve—why can’t you be next?

Where You’d Be Working

Acute care healthcare professionals are urgently needed in a variety of settings across the country. These include hospitals, surgical centers, urgent care clinics, specialties clinics, and even home care. If you’re an acute care clinician looking to take your skills on the road, see how AMS can transform your travel experience.

New to Working in Acute Care?

If your career adventures haven’t taken you to an acute care setting yet, no worries! American Medical Staffing provides continual support to ensure you feel empowered and able to effectively enter a facility and make an impact.

In addition, we can connect you with one-time support or ongoing mentorship so that you can ask questions, receive guidance and feel confident in your new role. We want your journey within a given care setting to be a success!

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