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We get it! Sometimes it’s better to “read the reviews” than to hear from a company or their recruiters. If you’re looking for more information about how American Medical Staffing can have a transformational impact on your career and goals, see what we’ve done for others who have been in your shoes.

Stories from Acute Care

“My recruiter was responsive and helpful. They made travel nursing possible for me, and it has been a positive experience.”
Sam, AMS Acute Care Provider
“By far, this is the best travel company I have worked for. From the top of the company down, everyone truly cares about you not only as a clinician, but you as a person.”
Garett, AMS Acute Care Provider
“Since 2020 when I started working with travel agencies, I have never experienced such a well put together agency or had a recruiter go to bat for me the way my recruiter does.”
Louvinia, AMS Acute Care Provider
“I have recommended AMS for years to fellow travel nurses and those thinking about travel. I have always felt they offer excellent support for any challenges both with contracts or finding opportunities.”
Jennifer, AMS Acute Care Provider
“My recruiter made sure I was satisfied with my travel situation. Whether by phone, text, or email, they were always friendly and prompt.”
Takeesha, AMS Acute Care Provider

Correctional Care Stories

“My recruiter goes above and beyond to handle any issues I may have.”
Terrah, AMS Correctional Provider
“I feel like my recruiter actually listens to me and looks for a good fit for me.”
Tabitha, AMS Correctional Provider
“The thing I like the most is the continuous communication. At least weekly, I get a telephone or text from my AMS recruiter to make sure things are going okay.”
Patricia, AMS Correctional Provider
“I was new to traveling. When I had concerns, American Medical Staffing was always responsive, patient and helpful—and took time to understand what I needed.”
Kelly, AMS Correctional Provider
“I feel that every question I have is taken care of in a timely manner. AMS is amazing and always makes sure to help me with anything.”
Brandi, AMS Correctional Provider

Stories from the Schools

“I really enjoy my assignment. I enjoy getting to know the teachers and students. I also enjoy working with my team members.”
Tiffany, AMS Education Provider
“Everyone at AMS has been communicative and transparent. They are willing to help and go out of their way to assist when needed or respond to messages.”
Jillian, AMS Education Provider
“My recruiter handles behind-the-scenes issues in a timely manner and stays on top of it before things become major issues. She also offers meaningful, practical advice for when I need it or a friendly ear to listen and offer support.”
Mindy, AMS Education Provider
“My recruiter is very prompt and genuine when I contact her, even on weekends and after hours.”
LaToya, AMS Education Provider
“I love how quickly they respond, how they try their best to get you the help you need, and the personal touch that is added, by getting to know each person.”
Paris, AMS Education Provider

Home Health Stories

“The recruiters and credentialing team are great and do everything they can to help. They are very responsive and advocate for the needs of the staff.”
Emily, AMS Home Health Provider
“My recruiter, has been excellent in her communication with me, despite us never meeting in person. I feel like I know her personally. She calls me on a weekly basis and makes sure that I'm satisfied with my assignments and to see if I need anything.”
Ardelia, AMS Home Health Provider
"Everyone has been so helpful, kind, and easy to reach. No question is too small, and they help through the entire onboarding process and check in on you regularly. The communication has been 10/10 throughout my entire experience."
AMS Home Health Provider
"American Medical Staffing has been the most responsive, informative and organized staffing company I have worked with. Having a recruiter who has remained in contact and reachable beyond the initial hiring process has been one of my favorite experiences through my employment."
Brittany, AMS Home Health Provider

Stories from Allied Health

"Everyone has been great to work with and very helpful, supportive, & informative. The payroll department has been helpful with assistance when needed with getting time slips submitted.”
Carol, AMS Allied Health Provider
"Great responsiveness from staff and coworkers; as well as giving a lot of flexibility when it comes to working through any conflicts that may arise, whether it is pertaining to scheduling or task management."
AMS Allied Health Provider
“My recruiter is so compassionate and truly recognizes my individual career transitions, needs, or frustrations.”
AMS Allied Health Provider
“My recruiter was beyond exceptional when it came to making sure I was comfortable throughout my assignment.”
AMS Allied Health Provider

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