Highly Skilled Professionals to Meet Your Needs


Highly Skilled Professionals to Meet Your Needs

Staff the Best and the Brightest in Healthcare

There’s no question about it: When you have the right staff firing out of all cylinders, your facility runs smoothly. Conversely, we know the toll it can take on your patients and employees when they are short-staffed or don’t have the right team to provide high-quality care.

Regardless of the care setting you’re trying to staff for, American Medical Staffing has talented healthcare professionals ready to step up. These vetted clinicians know how to jump in and make an impact quickly, so the continuum of care is supported and individuals receive the care and treatment they need.

If you’re ready to find a match for your openings, get started by requesting a clinician from us. If you want to see how we work differently than other staffing partners you may have worked with in the past, learn more about us below

Discover a Diverse Talent Pool

American Medical Staffing has a robust roster of healthcare professionals looking to make an impact. Learn more about the different types of roles we staff and how they can contribute to your care setting.

  • Registered Nurses (RN)
    Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. When you’re selecting RNs for your care setting, work with only the best in the industry.
  • Licensed Practice Nurses (LPN)
    LPNs help keep care facilities across the country going. Discover the depth of talent we offer at American Medical Staffing.
  • Physician & Occupational Therapists (PT/OT)
    PT and OT are some of the fastest growing disciplines in healthcare. Keep pace with the demand by staffing up your facility.
  • Speech Language Pathologists (SLP)
    When you find the right SLP, they can be transformative to individuals’ lives. Hire only the best for your care setting.
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
    CNAs play a critical role in keeping basic care moving. Ensure your patients have what they need by staffing these superstars.
  • Surgical First Technicians and First Assistants (CST)
    When it comes to surgery, it takes a village. You can count on our highly skilled surgical professionals to deliver unparalleled care and support.
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT)
    If the last several years showed up anything, it’s the critical role RRTs play. Ensure you have a strong bench of RRTs for your facility’s needs.
  • Other Specialties
    Not seeing the staff you had in mind? American Medical Staffing offers a variety of workforce solutions. Just ask!

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