About Us

People Who Have Walked in Your Shoes

About Us

People Who Have Walked in Your Shoes

You have a lot of options.
Trust the one who understands the road you’re walking down.

We have yet to encounter a healthcare provider or staffing partner who hasn’t had some ups and downs, and twists and turns. While that’s inevitable, it’s always advisable to have a partner along the way who can help you navigate the bumps and detours.

That’s where American Medical Staffing comes in. We’re a full-service medical staffing and recruitment firm that acts as a GPS system for your career or staffing needs. Founded by a nurse and run by experts with decades of staffing experience, we have fueled thousands of connections between quality clinicians and the facilities searching for them.

We do this by curating extraordinary travel experiences that enliven healthcare providers’ careers and bridge the gap to facilities in need of their unique skills and talent. As a preferred facility staffing partner, we’re committed to ensuring our clients can access high-quality providers on time and on budget.

Our Mission

To unite quality talent with opportunity, providing the optimal employment and partnership experience in healthcare.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted healthcare staffing partner, continuously improving our standards of service,
value and innovation.

Our Core Values

We live and work by the following values:
Customer Service
Ethical Behavior

Your Travel Guides

Sherpas help usher people to the mountain tops. Monks help wanderers find enlightenment. So why shouldn’t you have a team who advises you on finding career nirvana? Meet our talented crew of leaders helming the ship and guiding how we best support you.

Where We Come From

In a lot of ways, the story of our company is about finding those who share a common bond with you. While we were founded in 2018 by American Surgical Professionals to extend its medical services into the provision of Clinician and Allied Healthcare professionals—we quickly discovered others were on a similar road with us.

That’s why we joined forces with Chesapeake Medical Staffing and FlexRN over the years. Together, we were able to achieve a greater impact and support more clinicians and facility partners.

Today, as American Medical Staffing, we hang out hat on providing unparalleled travel experiences for clinicians looking to empower their career path. That credo extends to every corner of our industry and the communities we serve.

What Makes AMS Different?

Elegant loving caring grandfather looking at his cute little granddaughter, adorable child girl and positive grandpa holding hands while dancing together in living room at home. Family concept

“Being a first-time traveler—and feeling like I had support—made all the difference. Other agencies had slightly higher rates, but I would sacrifice the difference to continue working with AMS.” – Nicole, Acute RN

Join The Travel Party

American Medical Staffing, Client Services for African America Doctors and Nurses

See why we’ve been named the “Best in Staffing” two years in a row. Apply for a job on the dream team.