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Expand Your Career Horizons


Expand Your Career Horizons

Explore RN Opportunities in Your Given Specialty

As a registered nurse (RN), you know what it’s like to be the backbone of care in a healthcare setting. From delivering treatment to providing education, assisting other clinicians to managing patients, RNs keep things moving.

You may also know that there is a huge need for RNs across the country and in a variety of specialties. We are regularly on the lookout for nurses who want to make travel a regular part of how they practice.

Near or far, down the road or coast-to-coast, we have positions available to high-quality RNs who are ready to take the next step in their career evolution. Even if you don’t see a job that’s a perfect fit, let us know—and we can help source the role right for you.

Popular RN Care Settings

Because registered nurses are one of the most sought after hires in healthcare, you have the flexibility to work in a variety of placements. We’ll help you navigate the differences between care settings and help you secure a role that matches your highest job priorities (e.g., pay, schedule, etc.).

Being an RN with AMS

Sometimes, it helps to get to the heart of the matter. Many RNs we talk to have specific questions they need answered or want to know how American Medical Staffing is as a staffing partner. That’s why we invite you to get answers to your questions and hear from healthcare professionals who have partnered with us in the past.

Registered Nurse Roles


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