Where will your
journey take you?

Where Will Your
Journey Take You?

We’re living in the new normal. Lives and careers look different today. So why shouldn’t you have a role that delivers excitement, fewer restrictions, and brings you closer to loved ones?

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Pack your bags. Uncover your potential.

At American Medical Staffing, we believe in supporting the pioneers who embody the sense of adventure each new placement brings. If, for example, you’re someone who has a family member in a far-off state you want to see more of, want to acquire new skills while catching up with friends a town or two over, or just a person who likes seeing new places, we want to meet you.

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Continuing to Hire for the 2023/2024 School Year

School professionals are needed for educational institutions across the country. If you’re looking to impact the lives of students in your community, consider a role in one of the many school districts looking for staff.

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90% of our clinicians have completed multiple assignments with us proving we understand how to place the right clinician in the right setting

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Since 2006, American Medical Staffing has been awarded the Healthcare Staffing Services (HCSS) Certification by The Joint Commission, the highest recognition in the industry.

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Your facility is one-of-a-kind. That’s why American Medical Staffing sources high-quality healthcare professionals from across the country who can meet your unique knowledge and skill requirements. As you embark on your search for highly-qualified talent to address shortages, see how we can make the process smoother and more seamless for you—regardless of if you need short term support, extended contract or per diem.

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