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Rates Are Decreasing – So What Now?

In the ever-evolving landscape of travel nursing, it’s important to remain educated about the current state of travel rates. While it’s true that travel nursing rates have seen a decrease in recent times, we believe it’s crucial to maintain a positive outlook and highlight the exciting possibilities that still lie ahead for travel nurses. In this blog, we’ll explore the data, discuss the “new floor” of travel pay, and showcase the unique advantages and career advancement opportunities that continue to make travel nursing an attractive option. 

Understanding the Data: 

According to Vivian Health, between January 2020 and December 2021, travel nursing rates nearly doubled, reaching their peak at an average of $4,000 per week. However, since December 2022, salaries have started to stabilize. While rates may be decreasing, they are still settling around 15% higher than they were pre-Covid ( 

The “New Floor” of Travel Pay: 

Tim Needham, Senior Vice President of Product at Vivian Health, emphasizes that these new salary trends will serve as the “new floor” of travel pay. While travel nursing rates may experience a slight dip in the coming months, they are expected to stabilize at a higher level than in pre-pandemic times. This reassures us that travel nursing will continue to offer competitive compensation despite the current market conditions. 

Advantages Beyond Salary: 

Travel nursing isn’t just about the paycheck—it’s about the unique benefits and opportunities it brings. Let’s explore some of the exciting aspects that make travel nursing a rewarding career choice: 

Flexibility and Freedom: 

Travel nursing offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to explore various locations and healthcare settings. With the freedom to choose your assignments, you can create a work-life balance that suits your individual needs and preferences. 

Career Advancement Opportunities: 

Many travel nurses have used the higher income earned during their contracts as a stepping stone toward career advancement. Whether it’s pursuing further education to become a nurse practitioner, nurse supervisor, or nurse educator, travel nursing can serve as a springboard for professional growth. Travel nurses also have the opportunity to work at the top hospitals in the country, making for an impressive resume. 

Clinician Development Programs: 

American Medical Staffing, through our Clinical Development Program, provides a clear pathway for career advancement. By offering opportunities to become an RN II or III based on criteria such as hours worked and positive manager reviews, we empower our nurses to take their careers to new heights. 

Exploration and New Beginnings: 

Travel nurses can use the flexibility of their career to explore potential new home bases, visit family and friends, or just explore! Embracing the travel nurse lifestyle allows you to experience different regions, cultures, and healthcare systems, enriching both your personal and professional life. 

Enticing benefits & perks: 

American Medical Staffing offers a wide variety of employee benefits including: 

  • paid time off 
  • 401k with up to a 2% match 
  • multiple health plans with day-one coverage 
  • $1,000 WIN-WIN referral program 
  • hotel discounts of up to 60% with Hotel Engine 
  • employee assistance program 
  • physical, mental, & financial wellness classes with Burnalong 
  • pet insurance 
  • free & discounted therapy with BetterHelp 


While it’s true that travel nursing rates have seen a decrease, we remain optimistic and recognize the immense value that travel nursing continues to offer. The flexibility, career advancement opportunities, and unique experiences make travel nursing an enticing and fulfilling career choice. So, let’s embrace the upside, celebrate the possibilities, and embark on an exciting journey as healthcare professionals in the dynamic world of traveling.