New Day. New Beginning. Turning Grief into Action

In celebration of an important milestone, we would like to take a moment to spotlight our most tenured employee, Toni Torsch! Toni joined the organization in July of 2002 and is currently serving as our Off-Hours Team Leader. Ensuring Chesapeake & FlexRN Medical Staffing has 24 Hour on-call support for all our clients & clinicians. Day to day, Toni not only makes a difference for all our clinicians but in our surrounding communities as well. Toni and her family founded the Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation. A community-based non-profit organization, supporting individuals and their families who are struggling with substance use, addiction, and mental health. The DCT Foundation was created after their son, Dan, tragically died from an accidental drug overdose. The DCT Foundation organizes fundraisers, provides scholarships, in addition to community outreach. And most importantly led the charge to pass the “Overdose Response Bill” and “Hope Act” in Maryland. They have made such a tangible impact, for example, read their stats to date here. DCT Foundation Fundraiser reaches 10th year milestone One of our favorite events that the DCT Foundation hosts is the “Bull and Shrimp Roast.” This annual fundraiser includes food, drinks, a silent auction, raffles, & door prizes! This year’s event is on Friday, October 22nd in Baltimore, MD. Each year, CMS has supplied the Wagon of Cheer as one of the silent auction items. All proceeds are used to benefit the DCT Foundation In conclusion, we are proud of Chesapeake & FlexRN’s philanthropic roots and are so grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting such a great cause! Thank you as always to Toni for her contributions to both our organization and our community – she is truly an inspiration to us all!