Chesapeake Medical Staffing is excited to announce our new Vice President of Recruiting – Sherry Angle-Hudock!

Joining in January 2021, she is a tenured staffing professional bringing 25+ years of expertise in healthcare talent recruitment, engagement, retention, as well as award-winning P & L management, sales, client expansion, and staff development.  Sherry also established and led 3500+ employee engagement and retention programs with a top 10 national health care staffing organization. Throughout her career, the focus has always been on establishing a true career partnership with the professionals she is staffing.  Aligning people’s professional goals and personal needs are at the forefront of each day for Sherry.  She graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (aka Philadelphia University) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.   “My main goal is to enable our team to continue matching great candidates to wonderful opportunities with our clients!” An example of one of our departments that benefit from the leadership of Sherry is the CMS Talent Acquisition Team – a well-seasoned team of veteran recruiters.  These recruiters have backgrounds recruiting in the school setting, a variety of healthcare settings all the way through prisons and correction centers.  This team is not just headhunters, but true career partners for the clinicians they are recruiting.  They are not only skilled at reviewing a candidate’s resume but drilling into the clinician’s personal needs and professional goals.  The team truly gets to know the talent to the core and can facilitate optimum outcomes for all parties.  This process yields a wonderful career placement for the clinicians we have recruited and placed on assignment.  This also means that our clients get the best fitting candidate to their culture and setting for a long-term, fruitful relationship to benefit the care and treatment of children and patients.   The Talent Acquisition Specialists at CMS use a variety of sourcing techniques to find qualified clinicians.  From Database Lists to Social Media networking, an industry-leading “Win-Win” Referral Program and all the way through personal touches via the telephone, text, or email.  When appropriate we partner with teaching institutions to recruit new graduates.  Our networking capabilities far surpass the competition in terms of our thoroughness and finesse.  We are not telemarketers or salespeople; we are true industry professionals striving to make ‘great fits’ for our clinicians and clients. What really makes them special, is not only do we know they are the best at what they do, but our field employees tell us so too!  CMS has partnered with an outside vendor to survey our candidates (during the interview process) and employees (during and just after their assignments) and we consistently come in at a 4.8 Star rating on these surveys.  Feedback is consistently positive and pointed about their relationship with our team members, and the tremendous support we provide to their careers. Sherry is eager to connect and reconnect with colleagues in the healthcare staffing world.  Please feel free to schedule time with her using this link.