Our Leadership Team

More than 120 years of combined experience in healthcare staffing.

Leading American Medical Staffing Into The Future

Our Leadership Team

American Medical Staffing, Missy Blankenship

For 30 years, Missy Blankenship has been a healthcare staffing thought leader, transforming how providers find roles fit for their lives. Since 2019, she has put those skills to use as the President of American Medical Staffing, forging the organization’s strategic approach—and delivering high-quality recruitment and workforce solutions for those facilities and communities that need them most.

Prior to joining the company, Ms. Blankenship held senior management roles at Elwood Staffing Services, Supplemental Health Care, SOS Staffing, and Sodexho Healthcare. She is an advocate for the healthcare industry—both as a Board Member for E-Therapy, a leader in teletherapy for PreK-12 schools, as well as being a Corporate Coach for the Studer Group, helping other individuals and organizations achieve their goals.

American Medical Staffing, Terri Weller

Terri Weller RN, MS

Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Clinical Quality

Terri Weller, RN, MS, is a leader, teacher, entrepreneur, advocate, and staffing enthusiast—but, most of all, she’s a proud nurse and healthcare veteran. Having worked for multiple decades in emergency room nursing, Ms. Weller has experience that has been sought by multiple universities. Having taught at Towson University, College of Notre Dame of Maryland, and Stevenson University, she has passed her knowledge on to over 1,000 students and counting.

In 2001, Ms. Weller co-founded Chesapeake Medical Staffing (CMS), which grew to become the first staffing firm in Maryland to be certified by The Joint Commission—a powerful healthcare organization committed to patient safety and quality of care. In 2018, as AMS acquired CMS, Ms. Weller brought her expertise to a national, multi-disciplinary firm dedicated to expanding the values of high-quality care and exceptional experiences for healthcare professionals.

American Medical Staffing, Sherry Angle-Hudock

Sherry Angle-Hudock

Vice President Of Recruiting

With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare talent recruitment, engagement, and retention, Sherry Angle-Hudock is an accomplished executive who joined American Medical Staffing in 2021. She is renowned for her relationship management knowledge and award-winning leadership in P&L management, sales, client expansion, and staff development.

Before joining AMS, Ms. Angle-Hudock spent several years transforming the recruitment programs of national healthcare staffing organizations, including most recently at Supplemental Health Care. There, she grew the firm’s talent engagement and marketing programs, as well as established and led a 3,500+ employee engagement and retention initiative.

American Medical Staffing, Natalie Ehlenbeck

Natalie Ehlenbeck

Vice President Of Client Services

For nearly 20 years, Natalie Ehlenbeck has put her professional sales experience and track record of leadership to work in the healthcare staffing industry. Since she joined American Medical Staffing in 2021, she has driven superior results by combining a revenue-building mindset with a commitment to exceptional service delivery.

Prior to joining AMS, Ms. Ehlenbeck had a distinguished career with Supplemental Health Care, where she complemented her healthcare staffing knowledge with school staffing expertise. An award-winner multiple times over for recruitment, she is a constant proponent and pillar for AMS’ team development, program deployment (including for Managed Service Programs), and project management capabilities.

American Medical Staffing, Brandon Wehner

Brandon Wehner

Vice President Of Operations

For more than 20 years, Brandon Wehner has championed strategic operations for key players in the healthcare staffing space. Focused on building efficient and effective processes that deliver top-line results, he joined American Medical Staffing in 2020 to enhance our strategic initiatives and competitive footprint.

Before joining the organization, Mr. Wehner served in a variety of senior leadership roles at Supplemental Health Care. There, he honed his skills for over 17 years—building the company’s operational roadmap and multiplying the impact of its 50+ local branches. Mr. Wehner continues that model of performance leadership by investing in the individuals and teams at AMS.

Kristi Stark Head Shot

Kristi Stark

Senior Vice President, Head of Delivery

For 25 years, Kristi Stark has helped build foundational change and pacesetting results for companies looking to scale their impact. An executive leader, she joined American Medical Staffing in 2023 to advance the staffing organization’s growth efforts and deliver on its strategic solutions for healthcare providers and facilities.

Prior to her time with AMS, Ms. Stark worked across industries in a variety of C-suite roles in healthcare, education and technology. In addition, she spent 10 years leading marketing efforts for two Fortune 500 organizations. Whether in her personal or professional life, Ms. Stark believes in giving back, which is why she continually partners with organizations—like Susan G. Komen, Seattle Children’s, ASPCA, and others—to drive opportunity and impact.