Meet the Team: Chaquioa

Introducing Chaquioa, our Accounts Receivable Coordinator at AMS, who recently marked her one-year anniversary with AMS. With three years of finance experience, she brings both expertise and enthusiasm to her role. Beyond her professional endeavors, Chaquioa is a multifaceted individual with passions for fitness, literature, and self-care. Explore Chaquioa’s diverse interests and vibrant personality as […]

American Medical Staffing Ranked Multiple Times Over as a Leader in Staffing

When American Medical Staffing was founded by a nurse in 2001 (then as Chesapeake Medical Staffing) we didn’t know the extraordinary trajectory our company would take. Over the last five years, we have seen exceptional growth under new leadership and we are thrilled that in 2023, we’re truly making our mark on the industry—and organizations […]

New to Schools? Discover the Advantages of Joining AMS as a Related Service Provider

American Medical Staffing, Joining AMS

SCHEDULES At American Medical Staffing (AMS), we understand the importance of work-life balance. That’s why we partner with schools across the country that offer a 35-hour-per-week schedule for related service providers. This means that you can have a fulfilling career while also having the time to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Paid […]

CNA Week Spotlight: Lydia’s Inspiring Story of Dedication and Care

American Medical Staffing, Lyndia's Story

During CNA Week, we celebrate the exceptional work of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) who bring compassion and dedication to their roles. Today, we shine the spotlight on Lydia, a valued member of our team at American Medical Staffing. Lydia’s heartfelt words perfectly capture the essence of a CNA’s profound impact on patients’ lives. Lydia’s Journey: […]

Why Work in St. Louis Schools

Gateway Arch

Embrace the abundant opportunities and vibrant atmosphere of St. Louis schools in a city brimming with potential for professionals like you. In this blog, we shed light on the advantages of working in St. Louis and why you should consider joining our dynamic school communities. A Vibrant and Culturally Rich City: St. Louis schools thrive […]

National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

American Medical Staffing, National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

On National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day, we honor the invaluable contributions of healthcare recruiters who shape this industry. At American Medical Staffing, our passionate team connects talented clinicians with rewarding opportunities. In this blog, we highlight the impact of recruiters on clinicians’ lives and the transformation they bring to the workforce. The Power of Caring […]