Elease W.

Samantha, my recruiter is awesome, she has made my first contract job a great experience. She is extremely nice, caring, supportive and informative. She checks on me often, just to see how I am doing. She is always cheerful with positive energy. Samantha is a great asset to CMS, she represents the company well.

Nora H.

She took the time to introduce herself to me. She was interested in my background, personally and professionally. She has a complete understanding of the position she is staffing. Lisa is pretty amazing!

Mallory H.

I greatly appreciate Reen and the work she has done to help start and now extend my contract. It is great the company is nurse driven and you can tell that everyone is happy to work there and it shows in their commitment to their employees.

FlexRN Nurse

I have been with flex RN for less than a year recently had a stroke while at work and Amber has been amazing as have the other nurses Great to work for.