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American Medical Staffing specializes in staffing Medicare-certified home health agencies that provide skilled nursing and therapy services to patients that are home-bound.  Our national client base can vary from individual, privately-owned agencies to national home health companies with dozens of branches, to hospital-based home health providers.  We also staff hospice at home positions both locally and nationally. 

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Services provided in Home Health:
  • Check Vitals
  • Develop care plans with an interdisciplinary team
  • Education of patient and family
  • Wound care
  • IV therapy
  • Injections
  • Monitoring of serious illness
  • Coordination with other services like physical and occupational therapy.
Services Provide in Hospice at home:
  • Check vitals
  • Develop care plans with an interdisciplinary team
  • Assessment of patient’s condition.
  • Education of patient and family
  • Pain management
  • Assistance with activities of daily living

AMS Home Health - What you need to know!

AMS offers day-one benefits, including medical, dental, vision. We also offer eligible employees 401K after 90 days, discounted scrubs, pet insurance, and more!

Each facility differs in what experience they will consider for placement. Minimum experience is 1 year in the home health field.

Each facility has its own orientation policy and format. In most cases, you can expect a combination of EMR training, policies and procedures, as well as ride along visits.

For RN’s OASIS evaluation experience is required.

Once a phone or in-person interview is completed, a formal offer will be presented. Upon acceptance, we begin your HR file and finalize your start date (based on when orientation is available, when you are available to start, and when your HR file will be finished). Once the facility approves your HR file, your first-day reporting instructions and orientation schedule will be given to you, and you are all set to start. We check in with you regularly to ensure you’re having a successful assignment, and about halfway through, we can start to secure an extension for you if you want to stay. If not, we will start to line up your next assignment, with plenty of time to do so, ensuring you don’t have any downtime in between assignments. Of course, if you do want to take some time off, doing so in between assignments is always an option.

Paid mileage is facilty-dependent.. Your recruiting manager can discuss facility specifics at the time of submission.

AMS clinicians are paid weekly. You can expect a deposit every Friday.

Contract & travel assignments are typically 13 weeks/3 months. In most cases they are full time, although on occasion we do see part time positions available. Generally, if extensions are offered, you can negotiate 8 weeks if necessary. These are negotiable upon submission.

Although most home health contracts generally run Monday through Friday, it is possible to have weekend requirements, including call. This is something we work out with your prior to interview and take your preferences into account.

Home health is skilled nursing care provided for by a Medicare-certified agency that is funded by Medicare. In addition to skilled nursing services, home health agencies often provide therapy services as well. Home care is often referred to as private duty; RNs, LPNs, and CNAs provide companionship, assistance with daily activities, and light housekeeping to their patients. 

At AMS, we pay all home health clinicians by the hour. That includes your drive time, patient time, and documentation time.

Guaranteed hours vary based on the facility. While some do accommodate their weekly hours, others do not. Your Recruiting Manager will be able to review the specifics with you of each facility upon submission.

We see a variety of EMR systems used. Most requested in Home Care Home Base. If specific experience is required, that will be a client specific request.

Units, productivity, visits, will all be client specific. Clinicians are paid hourly. You will always be expected to hit productivity, but each client will have different definitions/requirements of productivity standards. Industry standard is 6 units a day/30 units a week. 

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Ensuring an adequate supply of home health clinicians is ESSENTIAL to keeping up with the projected growth of home health.

American Medical Staffing is equipped to assist you to meet those demands.


Award-winning recruiting team working to attract top talent, offering Industry-leading benefits packages & clinician support.


The dedicated credentialing team communicates every step of the onboarding process, getting you experienced, qualified candidates every time.


Retain independent healthcare professionals who consistently meet productivity standards with no stress.

I have tried other local familiar agencies for home health and it just did work out. It was very discouraging trying to get a home health contract to begin with, but I came across AMS, and it has been a great experience from the start. To get straight to the point, The on boarding process was quick, the calls, emails, and text messages were expedited. The process and contract was straight forward, the communication and support has been exceptional. The weekly check ins, are qeniune, you can express your concerns if you have any and they are ready to support. AMS staff is available, you never feel alone, the level of communication makes the experience welcoming. AMS also offers day one insurance, and other great perks and benefits. One of the first statements that impressed me was, "We strive to be your forever agency" and needless to say I am on my second contract. I am not sure of all of the states they utilize but I'm looking forward to the Delaware opportunities, hopefully. I would recommend AMS for home health nursing contracts.
AMS Home Health Clinician
AMS has been supportive and consistent from the beginning of my journey with them, When I had a misunderstanding with a contract, they were supportive in working out the kinks and stood by my side. The weekly check ins are nice so that things during the busy week don’t get lost in the past and worked our consistently.
AMS Home Health Clinician

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