Terri Weller, RN, MS, is a leader, teacher, entrepreneur, advocate, and staffing enthusiast—but, most of all, she’s a proud nurse and healthcare veteran. Having worked for multiple decades in emergency room nursing, Ms. Weller has experience that has been sought by multiple universities. Having taught at Towson University, College of Notre Dame of Maryland, and Stevenson University, she has passed her knowledge on to over 1,000 students and counting.

In 2001, Ms. Weller co-founded Chesapeake Medical Staffing (CMS), which grew to become the first staffing firm in Maryland to be certified by The Joint Commission—a powerful healthcare organization committed to patient safety and quality of care. In 2018, as AMS acquired CMS, Ms. Weller brought her expertise to a national, multi-disciplinary firm dedicated to expanding the values of high-quality care and exceptional experiences for healthcare professionals.