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Meet the Team: Katie’s Journey from Credentials to Adventures

In this month’s “Meet the Team” blog, we’re privileged to introduce you to one of the most dynamic individuals at American Medical Staffing (AMS). Katie Love, our HR & Credentialing Specialist, embodies not only professional excellence but also the vibrant spirit that she infuses into her work and daily life.


In Katie’s Words:

“My name is Katie and I am an HR & Credentialing Specialist for AMS! I’ve been with AMS for a little over 4 years. I started off on the production team and made my way over to the human resources team in 2020. I have enjoyed all the roles I have held but I have to say my current is my favorite 😊. It’s the best of both worlds in that we interact with both clinicians and our clients and our day-to-day constantly changing and challenging me in different ways. I love to try to make the tedious and sometimes intimidating process of credentialing ‘fun’!

When I am not working at AMS, I am either working part-time at a spa in Baltimore City where I live or dog sitting (I am always available for hire!)! I also love doing pilates, running, going to farmers’ markets, and trying new restaurants and things to do. If I can offer any recommendations for Baltimore or my pitch of why it isn’t so bad, please reach out to me 😉. This past summer, I traveled to Amsterdam and Portugal, and my boyfriend and I are planning our next adventure for 2024. Speaking of travel, in the coming weeks I will be visiting one of my best friends who also works for AMS on the finance team, Morag, in Maine!

Hills I will die on: Reality TV is better than scripted, mayonnaise is the superior condiment, and hot coffee is acceptable in 90-degree heat.”