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Get to Know Alex: Meet the Team Behind the Scenes

Introducing Alex, a valued member of our AMS family and a key figure in connecting exceptional healthcare professionals with the opportunities they deserve. With almost two years of dedicated service, Alex has worn many hats within our organization, including roles such as Talent Acquisition Specialist, Recruiting Coordinator, and Account Manager. She now manages her desk of clinicians with expertise and enthusiasm, ensuring that our professionals find the perfect opportunities.

Alex’s Words:

“Hi, my name is Alex, and I am a recruiting manager here at AMS! I have been with the company for almost 2 years now. During my time here, I have held various roles, including Talent Acquisition Specialist, Recruiting Coordinator, Account Manager, and now Recruiting Manager. I have enjoyed all of my positions at AMS and take great pleasure in connecting with exceptional medical professionals.

Before joining AMS, I worked as a Certified Child Life Specialist at the world’s second-ranked children’s hospital, where I had the privilege of working in both the emergency department and the NICU. This experience allowed me to connect with medical professionals in a unique and rewarding way, bringing me a lot of joy.

The best part about my current job is that I have the opportunity to work alongside my best friend of 28 years, Katelyn Cox, who serves as the Credentialing Manager here at AMS. When I’m not at work, I love spending time at the beach or participating in various water activities, considering I live in Fort Lauderdale, just a short walk from the shore. If I’m not by the beach, you’ll likely find me watching football (Roll Tide!) or enjoying quality time with friends.

Fun Fact About Me: I like to brag about how cool my family is. My dad was an F-18 fighter pilot in the Marine Corps and was even asked to be in Top Gun!”

Alex’s journey from a Certified Child Life Specialist at a renowned children’s hospital to her current role is nothing short of inspiring. Her diverse background and the many roles she’s taken on within AMS make her a valuable asset to our team, ensuring that our healthcare professionals find the opportunities they deserve.

Thank you, Alex, for being an integral part of the AMS family and for your commitment to connecting healthcare professionals with opportunities that make a difference.