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AMS Clinician Spotlight Carolyn H.

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Meet Carolyn, Our Featured Nurse with a Passion for Corrections

We had the pleasure of speaking with Carolyn H., a dedicated nurse with over 20 years of experience in corrections. She has been working with American Medical Staffing for a year and shares with us her journey into nursing, her hobbies, and what she enjoys about being a nurse with AMS.

When we asked Carolyn about her specialty in nursing, she proudly responded with “corrections”. She has been passionate about nursing since her childhood when her grandmother was sick and ended up in a nursing home. She recalls her grandmother reporting on the nurses at the front desk, and it sparked a fire in her to become a nurse who would treat patients with respect and kindness.

Carolyn enjoys word and number puzzles as well as watching movies, but her true passion lies in nursing. When asked what she enjoys about being a nurse with AMS, she responded, “I like the contact. They are responsive and get back to the nurses pretty quick. When I actually got the position that I have now, it just ruled and I appreciate that. Just the response time was really good.”

For fellow travel nurses, Carolyn’s advice is to make sure they find a position that they enjoy doing. She acknowledges that hopping around can be tiresome, but it’s crucial travel nurses find a role that they are passionate about.

In closing, Carolyn shares that she is currently pursuing her RN. We applaud Carolyn for her dedication to nursing and her desire to continue growing and advancing in her field.

Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing your story with us and for being an incredible clinician. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to your patients and AMS.

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