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AMS Clinician Spotlight – Creating Extraordinary Experiences, Every Day

American Medical Staffing, Creating Extraordinary Experiences

It is so professionally rewarding to receive such glowing reports and kudos about our Clinicians! We will highlight some of them here:

Anthony, RN

“I am writing to tell you about the most wonderful experience we had with Anthony yesterday.

Anthony made a wonderful rapport with this patient from the beginning of the day. I went into the patient’s room mid-morning and they were absolutely beaming and telling me how Anthony helped them build a pillow fort. I saw in the corner of the room a sheet tied to an IV pole, a chair, and a suitcase. The patient had blankets and pillows lining the floor. They told me how nice it was that they had a safe and quiet space that was all theirs. He was amazing with all of our patients and fit right in with the team.”

He would be a huge asset to any unit!


Janice, CNA

I wanted to share a positive thought regarding one of our agency sitters, Janice.

Janice was assigned to be with ED 6 yesterday who is one of our nonverbal autistic boys. This young man can be a challenge, as he does not know limits or his body mass and is difficult to redirect without security. Janice, never once, showed frustration. She spent 12 hours with him yesterday, 12 caring and compassionate hours. She continued to advocate for him as well as his mother who spent much of the day trying to soothe her son. It was such a delight to watch her. I wanted to share this with you as we often hear the negative and not always the positive. Janice made our day more manageable due to being his companion.

Thank you”


Survival, RN

“There was a recent event caught by a Nurse on U46 (Amazing catch, Survival!) where a Swisslog Medication Packet contained the incorrect amount of medication. There should have been 10mg in the packet, but there was actually 40mg. This could have led to a serious safety event. An important point for nurses to be aware of is that these Swisslog packets should NEVER contain more than one tablet or capsule. If the patient’s dose requires more than one tablet, the Pharmacy will send multiple packets. The presence of more than one tablet in a packet ALWAYS represents an error.”